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Hey everybody! I'm not so much of being online, but looking at my collection I really want it to be complete, so I came here :D. The only ones that I've missing are: Magmar, Voltorb, Electrode, Golbat, Machoke.
I know they are extremely rare, and lot of people is looking at them. Just hope I have a chance. I'm from Chile. In case it is possible to get any of them, I have no problem with shipping issues (I know it is not cheap to send me here). 

¡Wild newbie appears! Hey :)
Hey everybody, my name is Saúl as you can see, I'm from Chile, and also a new user here. 
I started to collect this year Pokemon Tomy figures (I did it when I was young... but there were few survivors for the years XD). I have like 50 or more from the first generation and a few from others upper. 
I also collect Pokemon TCG, especifly Pokemon Gold Stars, Shinings, Golducks/Psyducks and Suicunes. I want all of them. Also have mini collections of alakazams, mewtwo, and pokecats. No big deal. 
Amm... I'll like to get some Zukan ones, but I haven't seen so much of it, so I dont know wich ones do I want (obviously I'll like suicune's, golducks, psyducks, umbreon/espeon, and if there are porygon complete evolution set). 
Loved to play the gameboy and nintendo 64 games! The last game I played was Pokemon Diamond, what a work breeding Pokemons there! Effort Values and Gens... hahaha funny thing. 
Here are some photos :) 

My Pokemon Staff

I find this site cause a girl in the facebook group of Pokemon Zukan!

Hope get some good things here, make some partners and be happy with this site! Also hope to learn all the rules hahahah
PD: Sorry for my bad english, I don't speak always and sometimes I dont know how to join ideas XD